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YouGov: Labour falls to fourth as other parties rise

July 09, 2019

The latest YouGov poll revealed that the Labour Party has only 18% support from prospective voters in the event of a general election.

This leaves the Labour Party in fourth place behind the Conservatives who have 24% support, the Brexit Party who have 23%, and the Liberal Democrats who hold 20%.

This is Labour’s lowest point of support since May 2009, when the U.K. was facing a financial crisis under Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing pressure from his members of his party to seriously support a second referendum and to decisively place his party’s support in having the U.K. remain in the European Union.

A spokesperson for Corbyn said, “We want a general election but we also believe there should be a public vote on any deal or no deal – so in all those scenarios it should go back to the people.”

– MK. II

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