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YouGov: Conservatives hold thin lead as Boris Johnson is likely to be PM

July 23, 2019

The latest YouGov poll shows that the Conservative Party holds a slight lead in the event of a general election at 25%, as Boris Johnson is expected to be announced as the next Prime Minister of the U.K.

This is a one percent uptick from the last poll where the Conservative Party held 24% support.

The latest poll shows the Labour Party in second with 21%, with also a one percent uptick from 20%. The Liberal Democrats have 19% support, losing one percent support, and the Brexit Party have 19%, a two percent drop from the 21% they had in the last poll. The Green Party trails at 8%, a one percent drop from 9%.

The winner of the position for Conservative Party leader will be announced just before midday in London, and the victor is set to become prime minister on Wednesday. Boris Johnson is expected to win the position following strong support throughout his campaign over Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Current Prime Minister Theresa May will step down after chairing her final cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning. She will officially hand her resignation to the Queen on Wednesday afternoon after participating in her final Prime Minister’s Questions.

The next prime minister will take his position shortly afterwards after an audience at Buckingham Palace.

– MK. II

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YouGov: Conservatives hold thin lead as Boris Johnson is likely to be PM – ASSCLAIMERS

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YouGov: Conservatives hold thin lead as Boris Johnson is likely to be PM – ASSCLAIMERS


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