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Trump meets Brazilian president, talks friendship and the threat of China

June 29, 2019

On Friday at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, U.S. President Donald Trump met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and discussed the “close” relationship between the two nations and threat of China.

Speaking to reporters, Trump said, “We’re with a gentleman who had one of the greatest election wins anywhere in the world, as far as I’m concerned, and he was very proud of his relationship with President Trump – President of Brazil. I think we can say that Brazil and the United States are as close or closer as they’ve ever been.”

In response, Bolsonaro said that he was a “great admirer of you… even before your election” and said that the meeting was a “great honor.”

“The two countries we represent have a great deal in common,” Bolsonaro said. “We’re two major countries – great countries – and, together, can do a great deal to the benefit of our two peoples.”

“Brazil is endowed with assets that the world does not have, and I will be able to engage in talks with President Trump to establish a full partnership to the… development of our nations,” Bolsonaro added.

“I support Trump. I support the United States. I support your upcoming reelection. And I do hope that you will come to Brazil, and you have an open and standing invitation to visit Brazil, even before the upcoming election, so that we can showcase to the world that politics in Brazil has indeed changed,” he concluded.

Trump said that he would visit Brazil and called it a “tremendous country with tremendous people.”

When asked by reporters if he would support Bolsonaro’s own trade dispute with China, Trump did not provide a definitive answer, only saying that he would be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday and that the talks would be “productive” and that the U.S. is a “hot country.”

A statement reportedly released from the White House said, “President Trump and President Bolsonaro also talked about the risks associated with Chinese activities in the West.”

As a candidate running for the Brazilian presidency, Bolsonaro said, “China isn’t buying in Brazil, it is buying Brazil” and pledged to “not hand our territory over to anybody.”

After meeting with President Xi on Friday, Bolsonaro criticized “protectionist currents” in international trade, accusing them of being “a source of trade tensions and jeopardizing the stability of international trade rules.”

– MK. II

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