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Tony Blair refuses to say whether he would vote Labour in general election

July 23, 2019

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair refused to say if he would vote for the Labour Party in a general election, citing worries of the party’s “anti-Semitism.”

When asked in a BBC Newsnight interview if he would vote for the Liberal Democrats, he said, “I don’t want to vote Lib Dem. I want to vote Labour. But I won’t resile the fact that the Labour Party is in a difficult situation at the moment, particularly with this anti-Semitism business.”

Blair said anti-Semitism was “fundamentally repugnant to everything the Labour Party should stand for” and that if it wasn’t addressed and solved “it’s going to be a big problem.”

“Let’s hope the Labour Party seizes and grips this anti-Semitism thing and deals with it, because otherwise that’s going to be a big problem,” he said, refusing to say whether he would vote Labour after being asked three times.

On Monday, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the process of finding and expelling members with anti-Semitic sentiments was taking too long and that the “poison” of anti-Semitism had to be addressed.

Blair said Brexit was “not a reason for voting Labour or not voting Labour” and stated that he had always supported the U.K. remaining in the European Union.

He accused the Conservative Party of behaving “with an almost surreal sense of irresponsibility at the moment because of the weakness of the Labour Party.”

Such weakness from Labour “facilitates” right-wing politics, he said.

– MK. II

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