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Tommy Robinson charged with contempt of court over Facebook livestream

July 06, 2019

On Friday, former leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson was found guilty of contempt of court for holding a Facebook livestream in which he was “aggressively confronting and filming” defendants of a criminal trial.

The ruling was decided by two High Court judges who said he breached reporting restrictions by broadcasting footage of men who were accused of sexually exploiting young girls at Leeds Crown Court last year in May.

The judges also concluded that Robinson interfered with the court of justice for intimidating defendants and “aggressively confronting and filming” them as they were entering the court building.

In response, Robinson has denied all wrongdoing, saying that he had only referred to information that was in the public domain.

Dame Victoria, one of the judges who issued the ruling, said that the livestream “gave rise to a substantial risk that the court of justice in that case would be seriously impeded,” and that, “In our judgement, the respondent’s conduct in each of those respects amounted to a serious interference with the administration of justice.”

The judges are to provide more detailed reasonings for their decision at a later date.

After the judges’ decision, Robinson left the court building and addressed a crowd of supporters at a stage, saying that he was “convicted ‘cos of who I am, not what I’ve done.”

– MK. II

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