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Spotify to help advertisers target podcast listeners

June 18, 2019

On Monday, Spotify announced that advertisers will now be able to target advertisements by the podcasts that people listen to.

Before, advertisers had to target Spotify’s free-tier listeners by musical genre or playlist, but now they can target ads according to podcast category, which is a much more specific channel for them to reach audiences.

In a statement, a Spotify spokeswoman said, “We aspire to develop a more robust advertising solution for podcasts that will allow us to layer in the kind of targeting, measurement, and reporting capabilities we have for ads that run alongside other content experiences like music and video.”

To test podcast-targeted ads, Spotify initially partnered with Samsung and 3M. But the option has now been rolled out to 10 markets including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Brazil.

These podcast ads will function the same as most other ads on Spotify – inserted between songs for free-tier users – but they will now be targeted. The ads in the podcasts will not be affected.

Advertisers are able to reach more niche markets through podcasts, as they often tend to be focused on specific topics, and advertising between podcasts would allow companies to reach far more specific audiences than they would have between songs.

– MK. II

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Spotify to help advertisers target podcast listeners – ASSCLAIMERS

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