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SpaceX’s Dragon delivers 5,500 pounds of supplies to ISS, returns to Earth

Image: NASA

June 05, 2019

On Monday, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft returned to Earth after having delivered 5,500 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station.

The launch for this supply mission was conducted on May 6, and SpaceX used a brand new Falcon 9 rocket to carry the capsule – which itself was on its second mission.

After having been attached to the International Space Station, the capsule fell towards Earth, and after successfully deploying its parachute, it safely splashed into the Pacific Ocean.

This latest delivery was SpaceX’s 17th supply mission and good news for the company amidst intense criticism it’s been facing after the destruction of a Crew Dragon spacecraft during a static fire test. The company has been slow to provide details as to what caused the failure.

SpaceX and NASA have called the incident the “anomaly,” and it occurred during a test of the spacecraft’s crucial abort engine systems.

Though the investigation on the “anomaly” continues, the NASA Advisory Council Committee recently praised SpaceX on doing “a great job” in reporting what happened.

– MK. II

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