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Here’s why Mike Pence’s New Hampshire trip was canceled

July 22, 2019

Earlier this month, Vice President Mike Pence abruptly canceled a trip to New Hampshire due to undisclosed security reasons.

At the time, President Donald Trump did not reveal why Pence’s trip was canceled, only telling reporters, “You’ll know in about two weeks. There was a very interesting problem they had in New Hampshire.”

Now we have information as to why Pence had to cancel the trip.

According to a law enforcement official, there was an ongoing federal investigation into one of the people Pence was likely to encounter. One person Pence was likely to see upon stepping off his aircraft was under federal investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for moving more than $100,000 of fentanyl from Massachusetts to New Hampshire.

That man was Jeff Hatch, who on Friday plead guilty and will face up to four years in prison. Hatch works for an opioid addiction treatment center in southern New Hampshire, the place where Pence was set to visit. Hatch is a former New York Giants player who for years spoke publicly about his drug and alcohol addiction, which was responsible for the ending of his football career.

According to a listing for Hatch’s speaking services, “He has been been beaten down in the past, but now stands tall in front of audiences to personally share his compelling story.”

Pence was set to visit the drug addiction treatment center for “a roundtable discussion with former patients and alumni at the Granite Recovery Center headquarters” where Pence would give remarks “on the opioid crisis and illegal drug flow in New Hampshire.”

According to federal court documents, Hatch was caught in 2017 with 1,500 grams of fentanyl. According to court documents, Hatch made a call on July 25, 2017 to arrange a meeting to pick up drugs from a supplier based in Lawrence, Massachusetts after which he brought the drugs back to his home and distributed it in small amounts through couriers. According to court records, he was charged with one count of using a telephone to help commit a crime.

Hatch agreed to a four year sentence in federal prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.

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Here’s why Mike Pence’s New Hampshire trip was canceled – ASSCLAIMERS

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