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Halo Infinite release date revealed, will launch with Xbox’s Scarlett Console

June 11, 2019

Xbox and 343 Industries revealed new details about the upcoming Halo Infinite at E3 2019.

The game is set to launch on Xbox’s next-gen console titled “Project Scarlett” during the holiday season in 2020.

The trailer for Halo Infinite, titled “Discover Hope,” was shown at E3 on Sunday and showed no gameplay but laid the groundwork for the story.

It starts with a man waking up to fight a breach in his spaceship only to find the body of Master Chief floating in the vacuum of space. The man brings Master Chief into his ship and boots him back around and the perspective changes to the Spartan’s first person view through his iconic helmet. He then sees the Halo ring destroyed through the ship’s windshield.

Halo Infinite was announced at E3 2018, and fans have been anticipating its release ever since. The game will place players back in the boots of Master Chief to fight off the enemy of the alien race known as the Covenant.

This game will be the third title developed by 343 Industries within the main Halo franchise after Microsoft split with its former developer Bungie.

Watch the full trailer or the entire Microsoft E3 2019 conference below.


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