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Farage says he does not believe Boris Johnson will deliver Brexit by October 31st

July 23, 2019

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage said he does not believe Boris Johnson will pull the U.K. out of the European Union by the October 31st deadline.

“The only way Boris can deliver Brexit is to change the numbers in Parliament and to call an early general election,” Farage said on his LBC show. “We may not get an election, we may end up with the can being kicked down the road for another six months for all I know.”

“I do not think that with the Parliament we’ve got Boris can deliver on this by October 31st,” he said.

“Something tells me if he tries to prorogue Parliament, MPs will find parliamentary devices to stop it from happening,” said Farage, speaking on Johnson’s proposal to prorogue Parliament at his insistence that the U.K. should retain all options to ensure Brexit.

A July 16-17 survey of 1,729 adults in the U.K. showed that only 27% of respondents believed Johnson was likely to succeed in his Brexit endeavor.

– MK. II

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