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Details on Project Scarlett, Xbox’s latest iteration

June 11, 2019

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, the company revealed details on its latest iteration of the Xbox: Project Stadia.

Microsoft didn’t share any specific details on the console’s physical system, price, release date, or whether it will be a single console, they did reveal that it would be released in Holiday 2020.

Project Scarlett will feature a custom-designed Zen 2 AMD processor and an SSD that will vastly improve file and system load times as well as act as virtual RAM. The system will carry high-bandwidth GDDR6 memory and will reportedly be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, which is the most powerful console on the market as of now.

Project Scarlett will be capable of up to 120 FPS in variable frame rates as well as boasting 8k visuals. According to Microsoft, the console may be backwards compatible with past games and accessories.

Halo Infinite will also be released in Holiday 2020 and is suspected of being the launch title for the Scarlett.

Lisa SU, CEO of AMD, was present at the Xbox briefing and congratulated Phil Spencer and the Xbox team for their “amazing vision around gaming.”

“So honored and proud to create the future of gaming with Project Scarlett together with your incredible team!!!!” Su tweeted.

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