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Details on Google Stadia’s price, launch date, and founder’s edition

June 11, 2019

During a pre-E3 press conference, Google revealed details on the new Stadia game streaming service.

Those interested in getting their hands on this service early will be able to start playing on November 2019 with the release of the Founder’s Edition, which can be picked up for pre-order right now from Google. The base version will be launched in 2020.

With its full release in 2020, Stadia controllers will go on sale for $69 each and games can be purchased to stream from anywhere without added fees. If interested in the full Stadia experience (4k streaming, access to a wide-range of games, and game discounts) gamers will need to pay a fee of $10 a month to subscribe to Stadia Pro.

The Founder’s edition will include a controller and a Stadia Pro subscription lasting for three months for the buyer and a friend.

What’s in the Stadia Founder’s Edition? A limited-edition night blue controller, A Chromecast Ultra, A three-month subscription to Stadia Pro (along with a buddy pass), as well as the opportunity to claim your username on this brand new service.

The Founder’s edition currently costs $13o to buy directly from Google.

Watch the full Stadia press conference below:


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