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Brexit Talks Remain at a Standstill

May 03, 2019

In speaking at the Scottish Conservative conference, British Prime Minister Theresa May stated that voters want Brexit to be resolved in order for the country to “move on.”

This standstill in the Brexit talks has resulted in the Conservatives losing over 1,300 council seats in the English elections.

Mrs. May, pressed with calls for her resignation, has continued to state that she will lead the effort to reach a deal agreement that will provide the UK a “bright future.”

Labour’s efforts in the council elections haven’t fared much better, as they have lost more than 100 seats.

The parties that have made gains are the Liberal Democrats and the Greens. UKIP has also lost seats.

Calls for a second referendum have been made to either redetermine or cement the results of the first referendum, but Mrs. May has stated her profound disagreement with holding another round of voting and stated that the best way to deliver Brexit is to leave with a deal that can be agreed upon by both parties.

The Conservatives’ loss of seats can be seen as a simple message from the voters to the House of Commons to finally deal with Brexit and emerge from this almost three-year-long standstill.

– MK. II

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