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Boris Johnson says he would not support a war with Iran

July 16, 2019

Speaking at the final Conservative Party leadership debate on Monday, Boris Johnson said he would not support a U.S. war with Iran if elected prime minister.

Johnson called the Iranian government “disruptive, dangerous, difficult” but said that a military option against the nation would not be “a sensible option for us in the west.”

“Diplomacy must be best way forward,” Johnson said. “If you ask me what I think, were I prime minister now, would I be supporting military action against Iran, the answer is no.”

Johnson’s contender for the premiership, U.K. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, made similar yet more careful remarks.

“The risk we have is something different, which is an accidental war, because something happens in a very tense and volatile situation,” said Hunt.

Neither candidates pledged to support U.S. President Donald Trump if he were to start a war with Iran.

– MK. II

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Boris Johnson says he would not support a war with Iran – ASSCLAIMERS

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Boris Johnson says he would not support a war with Iran – ASSCLAIMERS


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